We translate texts and interpret meetings. Written translations, oral interpretations,
sworn – you name it, thanks to us you’ll understand everything!

Whether it’s a business meeting, presentation or conference attended by foreign guests our goal is to ensure smooth,
seamless and accurate communication. Before we send you back any translated text you’ve entrusted us with we make sure
it’s double checked by a second translator-proofreader.


It takes more than just knowing two languages to be able to deliver a great translation!


We provide oral and written translation/interpretation services to financial institutions, banks, production companies, IT, real estate and others. Our translators are professionals in their trade, with exceptional language skills. Furthermore, they use the most up-to- date IT solutions which allow us to deliver translations more effectively, while maintaining at the same time the highest level of service and saving your time and money.

We have extensive experience in building and coordinating teams of language professionals dedicated to large translation and interpretation projects.

Professional translation Professional translation is very different from teaching that is why our translators are never lecturers!


Standard written or sworn

Type of Texts: legal acts, agreements, banking, economics, finance, IT, pharmacy, automation, construction, power engineering, industry

  • Standard written translations – not requiring authentication.

  • Sworn written translation – 1125 characters, requiring authentication by sworn translator.

Modes of translation:

  • Standard (to 5 pages daily),

  • Urgent (from 6 to 8 pages daily),

  • Express (more than 8 pages daily).


Standard oral and sworn

  • simultaneous - interpretation occurs while the primary person is talking,

  • consecutive - interpretation occurs after a brief pause.